Post: The Edges and My Wild Twin

I have always loved playing with the edges of life.  It is there that my wild twin resides.  That place in nature where I can twine myself with smells of earth, the twisted roots of trees, the call and song of birds, the rush and splash of river as it hits rock, the gust of wind as it lifts my hair and the smell of fire and flame as the dampness spits from the wood.  It is the bones of ceremony and ritual that let me commune with spirits and ancestors in that wild silence.  I come alive, my DNA awakens and I throb with life force in those woods.  With back against bark, my feet touching roots and earth, my heart expands with each breath, bathing me with assurance of wholeness and unity in the universe.  Wisdom and integration don’t seem far away to me.

Yet in the counterpart, the world where I reside most often, the constant low hum, the ever-moving vibration of the western machine and the driving, fast beat of growth allows me no silence, no contemplation and no unity.   And in this age of ‘accelerated technology’, we are immersed in the never-ending, mind-numbing download of information that whispers to us, even in our sleep.   It has crushed real intimacy with each other and more importantly with nature.  The counterculture demands I be productive until I can produce no more.  It does not value my beingness, only my doing.  It does not value my connection to the other-than-human world and the vast, ancestral wisdom it offers.  And it does not value my wildness, my ability to create, move and think out of the box.  It only wants homogeny, sameness and obedience.

My wild twin is not obedient.  She wants rivers and storms, lightning and wind, waves and sand, rock and fire, stars and black nights.  My wild twin does not always want a soft bed and heavy blankets, but discomfort and change, open heart and longing for more.  

I believe we should seek out our wild twin and return them to our heart place, from the exile of our culture.   It should be our single focused mission as things shatter around us.  The natural world needs our wild twin, because it is together that we thrive.  But as our wild twin dies, so the natural world is diminished.  We see that everywhere, with species extinction, melting caps, ravaged lands from extraction and forests forever gone.  I implore you.  Journey to places you ‘ve never been and find your wild twin.  Revive this part of you that longs to be discovered.  Live your life unfettered from the taming of our culture.  Restore that part of yourself that gives you your deepest sustenance.  Sing your wild twin home.  She is calling.   Answer.