Post: The Darkness and the Unknown S.H.E (Sacred, Humane, Ecological Future)

We know if we are paying attention, if we are being conscious and aware of how we are responding to any given situation. If we are wise, we also know that it isn’t the situation or action that has occurred that matters or how that situation may impact us. It’s how we react and respond to these events that matter over the long haul.

It’s not about who won or lost this mid-term election, or even how or why. That was yesterday. It has passed. As challenging as this is, we must begin to focus on how we choose to respond in the present and how we, as women, will move forward.

The feminine energies have been emerging strongly over the past decades and though it appears we are in danger of a setback; that may not in fact be the reality. We may be plunging into an unknown, and perhaps, frightening darkness. But let us not forget, the darkness is where we women do our best work. It is in the darkness of our center, our womb, that creation finds fertile ground, an enriched environment, connected directly to source, where our ideas and thoughts are ignited into being. It is in this darkness, where all life emerges, that our ideas gain strength, are nurtured in gestation, grow and mature toward the light and into being.

Yes, winter is coming. But if we are attuned to the cycles of nature, (and need I remind you, we intuitively are) we know that winter lays down a blanket of quiet, of solitude and reflection. It is nature’s call for us to return to our center, an ancient request to return to our relationship with the divine. Winter is a time of dormancy, when, from all outward appearances, things come to a stop. And so it might be in this time ahead. Things might appear to be rolling back, reversing, even stopping.

We know from what’s been happening over the past ½ century, that all forward motion, constant expansion and growth is not necessarily a good thing, (and certainly not a feminine aspect of creation). Let’s remind ourselves that if we are wise, we will use this winter time to do what we intuitively do best – return to our center, our inward direction that allows us to listen deeply to the voice of our own spirit, the Earth and to others.

If we are crazed with connecting into the media, Facebook posts, TV pundits, tweets and more, how can we be listening to the earth? How can we know what the spirits are asking of us when information overload drowns them out? How can we hear the voice and heartbeat of the Holy Mother Earth when the sound of our culture is so deafening? Looking outward only serves to disconnect us from our truth and the voice of the divine.

We must guard against the patriarchal values that strive to separate us from our intuitive connection to spirit. It is vital, more than ever, that we, as women, return to our center through ceremonies, prayers, dancing and singing. It is here that our connection is strongest. It is what helps us create sacred space. And from that sacred space we nurture the Earth, others and ourselves. The essence of our feminine power lies in that darkness within us. That is how we will rejuvenate, restore and revitalize ourselves so that we emerge in the spring renewed, strengthened and refreshed.

Wake up and be vulnerable to this darkness that lies within us, learn the power of our unknown, stroke our ideas with love and nurturance and learn to birth them into the outer world from that place of love. As women, it is our job to forge a new way forward and bring the Sacred back into the world. We must be on the front lines if we are to create a Sacred, Humane, Ecological, SHE Future. Women must boldly own the leadership, the power and wisdom of the feminine; put forward our values, our ways of being in relationship and community, demonstrate our strengths and abilities as positive things for our future; not something to be dismissed and ignored.

It is our time to lead. Women are the midwives of our future. In the words of Llewellyn Vaughn Lee, “The Soul of Creation is where the magic is, where the power is; that is where the potency is. This birth needs the wisdom of the feminine, and women must take their place in this time of great potential”.