Post: A Prayer in the Dark

“The dark speaks in a Feminine voice. And She calls us to listen.”  (Lucy Pearce)

As Winter Solstice is upon us and the dark is once again turning to the light, I realize more and more that I’m lured by the dark.  I noticed that I am being subtly seduced by this darkness because the more I rest there, the more I am drawn to listen.  Each day I sit in that velvety silence that embraces me and lends me the nourishment I need to get on with what the day presents.  It is where my soft spoken prayers find fertile ground and I can let them be nurtured there.

Seeking the dark is an important ritual for women.  Once there, it helps us severe our connection to the outer madness of constant input and bombardment from a world that is bent on distraction.  It helps us release the pressure of “doing” and discover a voice that has been over ridden for much of our lives.  Often, it is there in the dark that we uncover a sense of our wildness, our maternal matrix and the essence of who we truly are.

Spending time in “the dark”, or going ‘dark’, as some have called it, is a necessary practice if we are to step more fully into our embodied, feminine power.  This practice helps us tune into our intuition, access our inner wisdom and fan the embers of creativity.   I’ve found the more I “go dark”, the more I need to “go dark”.  The more I’ve experienced time in this dark, the more I see that it is essential to take that time out from the technology, politics, cultural, financial and familial demands that drive our lives on the outside.  This deepening into the dark has been a way to reconnect with the cycles of my body and a visceral connection with the cycles of the seasons, the moon, bodies of water and climate.

It is in the dark that I have discovered parts of myself that are strong and wise, grounded and soulful.  Even though the sun is turning toward the light and the season is shifting, make time for the dark.  Create your own special ceremony or ‘ritual’ for “going dark”, even if once a week.  I offer you blessings on this Solstice, 2018 and leave you with a Solstice Poem.  May the dark find you in 2019!

Solstice Dreaming

Solstice approaches.
One more turn around the star, our sun,
one more opportunity – done.

Irretrievable moments, opportunities seized – savored, ignored, digested,
Integrated and now part of me.

Does my medicine go deeper, wider?  Does my knowing now inform my being?
Will the learning of this year mold me for the next?

Can I access the knowing of my soul and thrust it into next steps?
Or is the mind – my linear, plotting, plodding, gotta do mind – so in charge, that my wild heart twin is trod down into deep boggy Earth, never to really rise?

Can I unleash, unfurl, detangle my wild desires?
Expose that repressed longing to run free?
And this time, this year, without fail,
place the final bone in my wild woman skeleton,
rise up, naked, raw, wild and race joyfully, unbridled, into the desert night?